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Port to Renewable Energy Zones

About the project

EnergyCo is responsible for developing and overseeing the planning and approval processes for Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) and enabling infrastructure.

Delivery of projects in REZs will require the transportation of large and heavy renewable energy components from ports such as the Port of Newcastle. These can include wind turbine components and transformers for generation and transmission infrastructure.

EnergyCo and Transport for NSW are working to upgrade road intersections and pinch-points along the state-road network to enable the movement of oversize and over-mass (OSOM) loads for renewable energy equipment. Initial upgrades with take place on road sections between the Port of Newcastle and the Central-West Orana and New England REZs.

EnergyCo is the proponent leading the Port to REZ road upgrades, while Transport for NSW is the road authority and lead agency for the operation of the road network.

The upgrades will be funded by the NSW and Australian Governments with $128.5 million announced towards road upgrades and ancillary works.

Road upgrades are expected to start from late 2024. These works are estimated to be completed in late 2025 to enable the passage of OSOM loads.

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Road upgrade benefits

The road improvements needed to cater for OSOM vehicles are part of the evolution of the state road network as Transport for NSW responds to changing needs of industry, businesses, the community and travelling public.

The Port to REZ road upgrades will:

  • enable delivery of large components essential to construct and operate major critical REZ transmission and generation projects

  • minimise disruption and improve safety for other road users during the movement of OSOM loads

  • include improvements to intersections and pinch-points and new passing bays

  • be designed to enable safe passage of OSOM components and reduce impact on road users.

Working with Transport for NSW

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place between EnergyCo and Transport for NSW to manage transport related projects and impacts for REZ development.

Read more about the 'Port to REZ' MOU between EnergyCo and Transport for NSW.

Port to REZ route

Details about locations and specific upgrades proposed for each area will be available once the design is finalised.

Image provided by Transport for NSW

Download the accessible PDF of the map.

Latest news

EnergyCo has been working with Transport for NSW to determine the design, construction methodology, planning approval pathway and timing for the planned road upgrades.

Site investigations for the Port to REZ route were completed in early 2024 to inform detailed design and planning requirements.

EnergyCo is currently progressing with the design and planning requirements together with Transport for NSW, the appropriate roads authority for the road upgrades.

Details about locations and what upgrades will apply to each area will be available once design is finalised. EnergyCo will consult impacted stakeholders and the community on the proposed plans and feedback will be used to refine the design.

Engaging with community and stakeholders

EnergyCo has been actively consulting with stakeholders including local Councils in the Hunter, Central-West Orana, and New England regions.

Councils within the Hunter region have been directly briefed on the proposed intersection designs and interactions.

EnergyCo and Transport for NSW have engaged community and road users regarding impacts during design investigations – this has included traffic alerts and notifications to residents and stakeholders near areas of work.

More information about upcoming consultations will be provided in the coming months. EnergyCo will provide communities with sufficient notice ahead of any upcoming engagement activities.

Delivering the road upgrade

EnergyCo will award the road upgrade program to a qualified contractor to deliver the work. It is expected work will start late 2024, with completion anticipated late 2025.

Transporting OSOM energy components

Watch to see how EnergyCo moved parts of the Waratah Super Battery.

Travelling through the REZs

The initial Port to REZ routes involve three REZs – the Central-West Orana REZ, New England REZ and the Hunter Central Coast REZ. It also crosses the area identified for the Hunter Transmission Project. You can learn more about these by clicking the cards below.

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