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As part of the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap (the Roadmap), EnergyCo will help to ensure NSW industries have ongoing access to cheap, reliable and clean electricity.

The Roadmap also provides certainty to energy generators and investors, who will benefit from its structured and coordinated approach to infrastructure planning. This will create industry opportunities, both inside Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) and across NSW.

Energy consumers

The benefits to consumers and the NSW economy of Roadmap investment will be substantial and diverse.

Under the Roadmap, NSW heavy industry electricity prices are indicatively expected to be in the lowest 10 per cent of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) by 2030.

The Roadmap will modernise our electricity system to ensure we have access to reliable electricity far into the future.

Investors, developers and generators

The NSW Government is getting the investment settings in the state right for the private sector to deliver the new infrastructure required to modernise our electricity system. For example, the Electricity Infrastructure Safeguard is being implemented to reduce the risks associated with new electricity infrastructure projects, which will lower costs of development and put NSW consumers first.

For investors, the Roadmap provides certainty of the pipeline for energy infrastructure and aims to solve other investor pain points, making NSW a great place in which to invest and grow.

Renewable energy generators and investors will benefit from the Roadmap’s structured and coordinated approach to infrastructure planning. This approach will include Long-Term Energy Service Agreements, streamlined connections, access schemes and other programs and policies.

Prohibition to connect to network infrastructure

As the Infrastructure Planner, EnergyCo plays an important role in ensuring generation and storage projects connecting to network infrastructure in the specified geographical area of the REZ (set out in the REZ declaration) have the support of the community.

Under certain circumstances, EnergyCo has the ability to prohibit particular projects from connecting to network infrastructure should this be required to maintain community support. EnergyCo is developing guidelines to inform these decisions and provide clarity to all stakeholders. These guidelines will be published on this website.