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Renewable Energy Zones

Renewable Energy Zones

Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) are the equivalent of modern-day power stations. They combine:

  • new renewable energy infrastructure, including generators (such as solar and wind farms)
  • storage (such as batteries and pumped hydro)
  • high-voltage transmission infrastructure.

By connecting multiple renewable energy projects and electricity storage, these REZs capitalise on economies of scale to deliver cheap, reliable, and clean electricity for homes and businesses in NSW.

The NSW Government expects REZs will deliver multiple benefits to NSW, including:

  • energy bill savings from reduced wholesale electricity costs
  • emissions reduction from a cleaner energy sector
  • reliable energy from significant amounts of new energy supply
  • host community benefits through strategic planning and best practice engagement and formalised benefit sharing arrangements.


Watch a short video explainer on NSW Renewable Energy Zones