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The Consumer Trustee

The Consumer Trustee

The Consumer Trustee is an independent role, appointed by the Minister for Energy under the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020. EnergyCo works closely with the Consumer Trustee to look after the long-term financial interests of NSW electricity customers to improve the affordability, reliability, security and sustainability of electricity supply. It does this through long-term planning and well-structured procurement processes.

In 2021, the Minister for Energy announced the appointment of AEMO Services, a subsidiary of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), as the NSW Consumer Trustee. AEMO Services is the sole and independent decision-maker in the design and implementation of Long-Term Energy Service Agreements for project developers.

The Consumer Trustee publishes an Infrastructure Investment Objectives Report that includes a 20-year development pathways report, and a 10-year tender planning report. This will be updated every two years and be provided to investors, generators, and the public, to outline what generation, long-duration storage and firming infrastructure is required and when. You can access the 2021 Infrastructure Investment Objectives Report here.

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