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Renewable energy generation projects

Renewable energy generation projects

The New England Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) will bring renewable energy generation projects (such as wind and solar) together with energy storage (such as batteries) and connect them to the electricity network.

EnergyCo is working with the developers of proposed major generation projects who plan to connect to the REZ transmission project.

Project approval pathway

Developers of renewable energy require approvals for the construction and operation of their projects. This includes submitting development applications to obtain consent from the Minister for Planning. Generators are also required to participate in the Consumer Trustee’s competitive tender process for access rights before they are able to connect to the REZ transmission network.

Managing potential effects on communities in the REZ

We began engaging with local communities and key stakeholders during 2020 to help inform the boundary of the New England REZ.

Community input will be critical to the successful delivery and coordination of the REZ so we’ve included ongoing, effective engagement opportunities throughout the planning process.

We appreciate there may be areas of concern for the community in relation to the REZ. As the Infrastructure Planner for the REZ, EnergyCo has an interest in ensuring the potential cumulative effects in the REZ are properly assessed, managed and coordinated.

We take these concerns seriously and are developing a number of strategies and initiatives to ensure the REZ provides positive outcomes for local communities. We are also liaising with developers of generation projects, local councils, government agencies and other key stakeholders on these strategies.

Among the things we are looking at is workforce accommodation, training opportunities, roads and traffic management, telecommunication improvements, water security, waste management, and a range of community and health services.